A Closer Look at Our Latest Denim Release – The SOSO 22OZ IXR


On the 25th of August, we are thrilled to introduce our latest denim release that brings a wave of excitement among us – Johan, Jannis, and Fredrik Milton. Over the years, we’ve showcased some truly remarkable denim pieces in our collection. Lately, we’ve embarked on a journey of experimentation with premium Australian cotton woven into exquisite fabrics.

Exploring Vibrant Wefts

The market has been witnessing a surge in the popularity of colorful wefts from premium Japanese brands and others. Inspired by this trend and fueled by the success of our 22OZ IXBR, we gathered around our team table to brainstorm fresh concepts. When we put together a denim that proudly bears the SOSO mark, we have all of you, our extended family, in mind. Our process involves scouring the globe for intriguing combinations, forum discussions, social media inspirations, and more. Early in our journey, red weft denim captured our attention and kindled our curiosity.

Humble Beginnings and Patient Observations

In the nascent stages of our brand’s evolution, as young entrepreneurs, the idea of creating such a masterpiece seemed financially unattainable. We observed from a distance as Japanese brands meticulously laid the foundation for the popularity of these unique wefts. However, as they say, time and patience are virtues that ultimately pay off.

The Unveiling of The SOSO 22OZ IXR

Today, we stand with immense pride as we present our newest addition to the denim realm: The 22OZ IXBR. Crafted from handpicked Australian family-farmed cotton, the denim narrates a tale of dedication and craftsmanship. The warp yarns have been deeply infused with rich indigo dye, ensuring optimal fading over time. Yet, the spotlight remains on the Aka (Red in Japanese) weft – a harmonious blend of darker red and elegant burgundy hues. This thoughtful design showcases a play of colors that strikes the perfect balance between subtlety and strength. As it gracefully fades, the deep indigo blue backdrop further enhances the beauty of the weft.

A Canvas for Individuality and Expression

This masterpiece denim promises wearers a canvas to express their individuality. As the fabric ages, it unveils stunning fades that uniquely reflect each wearer’s journey. With its versatility, the 22OZ IXBR is poised to make a statement at next year’s Indigo Invitational Y4. Its potential is limitless, inviting denim enthusiasts to explore a myriad of possibilities.

Availability and Pricing

The opportunity to own this remarkable piece starts at an accessible price point of $229. A testament to our commitment to providing excellence without compromise.


In conclusion, the 22OZ IXR stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting denim that goes beyond fabric – it tells a story, captures moments, and becomes a part of your journey. From humble beginnings to global recognition, we are honored to share this creation with you. Experience the artistry of premium Australian cotton woven into an impeccable denim that holds the promise of unforgettable fades.

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