Our story

“When two people meet randomly halfway around the world,
with the same vision, and with the same goal,
the result became a bond and that bond became a brand.
The brand is SOSO.
The founders became the SOSOBROTHERS.”

SOSO was founded in 2010, and has become a global Swedish denim brand based on the Internet.
As of 2018 SOSO resides in the town of Umeå.
Our focus has, and will always be to deliver a fashion, stitched together, from premium and unique denims around the globe.
What we are contributing to the world of fashion is a fair priced product with a detailed, but simple construction, made to last.
We believe in creating a product which can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe.
In, April 2017, yet another milestone occurs.
2 becomes 3 when our latest associate Fredrik Schoultz joins the SOSO family up in Umeå.
We also started working on our “Pop Up” concept that we are hoping to take around the globe and grow the SOSO family.

Our aim, is, and has always been releasing fabrics in limited edition or dead stock,
which means when a fabric has been sold out it might not be re-stocked ever again.

In 2014 we stumbled upon another focus not yet explored.
This focus is what has taken us to where we are today.
Becoming the largest and most affordable custom-made denim company in the world.

You are welcome to become a part of our SOSO family.


One of our goals when creating the SOSO, was to avoid the use of mass production facilities and computers to keep the authenticity of traditional tailoring.
We operate a small factory, right outside central Bangkok, in Thailand.
The factory has between 4-10 employees depending on work load.
Our manger Taep, that has been in the denim industry for more than 25 years, takes care of all our production of jeans.
Shirts and jackets has been outsourced to one of Bangkoks finest royal tailor named Pong.

When crafting our products we only use traditional machines like Juki from Japan, Singer from United States. Brands like Kansai, Brother, Siruba, Marble and even Toyota is being used.
But lets not forget the legendary flagship machine, Union Special.

Since every step of crafting a pair of jeans takes skill, patience and time.
We are extremely proud to be the fastest custom-made delivery in the world.