Meet the SOSO Brothers

Hey there! My name is Jannis and I’m the co-founder of SOSO together with Johan. I’m the social media expert you often speak to on Instagram and I repost all your fantastic pictures! 
I also run the production facilities in Bangkok and takes care of all your fantastic creations.If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email. (I have lots of them so be patient) 😉

I’m a born entrepreneur, and together with Johan, realised a huge gap in the market of fashion. With 8 years of markting scribbled down in the school bench, I then decided to do something about that gap..

SOSO is like my baby and I love my baby! The passion I feel when sourcing new exciting denims and hardware is second to none. I’m truly happy when a new family member joins our growing family and your creations like I stated before is breathtaking.  

My hidden talent is sniffing out the coolest fabrics on earth.

My name is Fredrik Milton and I’m the sales manager for our Umeå showroom and contact for retailers.
I’m here to help anyone navigating SOSO fits, sizing and fabric choice.
If you want to stock SOSO in your store or want to buy the coolest wardrobe for your company. I’m your guy!

I’ve worked in Denim retail for over 20 years, both as a store manager and sourcing manager. I helped build one of Sweden’s largest jeans chain JC where I worked as sourcing manager for Sweden, Norway and Finland. I have extensive knowledge in brands such as Nudie, Edwin, Lee, Wrangler Levi’s and many more.

I was awarded the best denim salesman award in Sweden, mainly for my passion in denim and customer service. Denim construction and tailoring are also close to my heart.

If you got any sizing questions, or need help before placing an order online I’m here to help.

My hidden talent is being the fastest jeans hemmer in Sweden.

My name is Johan and I’m one of the founders of SOSO. I mainly navigate the world world wide web to work our brand up to the top. Anything related to our website I’m your guy!

I’m the entrepreneur that worked with various lifestyle websites, online magazines, and photography in Sweden until I moved to Thailand and decided to start SOSO and focus on sustainable products while getting a masters degree in Marketing communication.

SOSO was born as passion project after my favourite Levi’s model was discontinued. Why should brands consider what fits, details are the best for a customer? The customer should be the designer. Brands should merely provide the tools for us.

My hidden talent is building the future of fashion retail.



Skolgatan 36A, 903 25 Umeå, Sweden

We offer personal fittings in our Umeå store. Fredrik will help you get the perfect jeans, jacket or shirt. 


Nygade 15, 8600, Silkeborg, Denmark