jannis hoff
the production guy

Changes in your order? Or is something wrong in the production? This is the guy to contact!

johan blom
the brand guy

If you feel like SOSO needs exposure this is the guy to contact regarding marketing.

fredrik schoultz
the sales guy

This is the to contact if you feel like SOSO products should be on your shelves.

SOSO Weekday umeå showroom

SOSO Weekday Umeå Showroom is a combination between a store and our office. 
We are only open to the public on Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-5pm. 

 As a result we welcome you, and your friends to shop sample jeans, shirts, jackets and of course all custom-made denim.

We also offer repair/alteration services for all denim related items.
So if you have an old pair of jeans that needs repairs, don’t hesitate to visit us!
If you would like to shop for custom-made denim you will receive excellent service from Fredrik Schoultz, our denim brother in arms.
Special appointment/bookings: 
or fill out the form below.