A Revolutionary tool for Tailor Made Clothing
Version 1.0 Beta

We aim to be the market leader on digital Tailor Made fashion and we are proud to present to you, our initial release of the first visual beta of our one-of-a-kind Denim Designer.

If you’ve ever been hesitant on what thread color to match with a specific denim or how our different fits look with certain front and back pockets, then this tool will help clear any uncertainties you might have.
Finally you will get a clear and true picture of how the end product will look like in terms of fit, colors and your chosen combinations.

Please note that this is only a beta version and we’re looking for any feedback possible to help us remove software bugs and make other improvements so that we can release the full version.

Pro tip; Until we release the full version, you can use the denim designer to figure out the look of your jeans and then place the order as usual in the “shop custom denim” above in the menu.