Welcome to our measuring guides for both shirts and jackets. We use the same measuring technique for both shirts and jackets

You will find all the measurements, both for shirts, and for jackets, on every product. Make sure you double check your measurements.

Our size charts may vary since all our products are handcrafted and each fabric is different. It’s an art, tailoring the old way, with old machines…

Measuring Guides

Jeans – Tops


Lay out an old jacket or shirt flat on the floor and measure from below the armpits across to get the chest measurement.


Flip over the jacket or shirt and measure across from shoulder to shoulder seam. Measure the widest part.


Measuring from the collarbone or the front of the jacket or shirt all the way down to the end will give you the front length.


Measuring right below the collar seams all the way down to the jacket or shirt lowest hem will provide you with the back length.


Simply measure from the top of the shoulder seam down to the end of the cuff to get the sleeve length measure in our guide.

The Rebel Jacket

“The Rebel” is the base model of all the different Rebel styles.
Sizing is is the same no matter what style you choose.
Our Rebel design is a slim version of a denim jacket.


Fredrik is using our Rebel in size small. He is 170 cm tall.

The Shirt

“The shirt” is a regular, slightly curved at the waist shirt model.
To accompany 99% of our customers, sleeves and length is longer as standard than other shirt brands.


Johan is using our The Shirt in size Medium. He is 180 cm tall.