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Consistency in options

I’ve really enjoyed my purchases from Soso and have gotten a lot of use from the clothing. My only frustration is in coordinating between jackets, waistcoats and jeans when it comes to threads and such. The example that comes to mind is one of my more recent purchases. If I want to explore a particular fabric, and have an entire outfit made from it, I prefer to get the same thread scheme on all the pieces. If army green and silver/gray double stitching are available for the jeans, I want that same option in the waistcoat and jacket. The same for buttons and rivets. I don’t wear them like a canadian tuxedo, however, I do like my vest to coordinate with my pants, or my jacket to coordinate with my pants.

This leads into the other problem I’ve noticed occasionally, that we can’t always find the same fabric offered in all articles of clothing. These are just suggestions, as I’ve found the folks at Soso’s very accommodating to special requests and I appreciate that very much. As for ease in ordering, pain free (i.e., struggle free) is always a great way to go.

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