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so just for clarification, do you size up a size? like if you wear a 30 do you go 30 or 31 or 32 even?

Loose Clark - I love this fit more than anything I've ever owned!

To me it feels different going from lightweight to midweight, especially with the more rigid denims available.

I personally go for an extra inch in the leg so I can cuff or not and  still get away with it.

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cool, post some pictures here

I just recieved a pair of lovely Straight Sten 30” in the Brown Duck Canvas 13oz.

I new beforehand that my stubby ”atlethic” legs and butt would potentally be a problem, since i generally always end up with tapered jeans with stretch.
But I really want to get into heavier denims. I tried to measure my other jeans carefully and convert them into SoSo size.

Long story short, it was way to tight trough the thighs and hip, still quite roomy in the waist.

So, now I am trying to figure out what fit to go for next, Loose Clark, Tapered Jeremy or Classic selvedge?
Help much appriciated!

I tried standing in the shower and wearing them last night but stil can barely sit down.

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Hi Berg,

I dont want to make any promises but in general, if you can close the top button it will all be fine in a week or two with continuous wear.

ALL denim stretches out with time but I understand your feeling, especially with a rigid canvas fabric. Its woven very tightly making it feel even smaller.

Give it some time and youll see it gives in.

But still, if you are interested in heavier fabrics, I suggest classic selvedge.


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Thanks Jannis!
I’ll stretch this pair as I await the arrival of my Ghost Indigo Redline Classic Selvedge! 🙂

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