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Fade friday by brother @forever_in_blue_jeans

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Beautiful denim evo by a swedish customer @ghostindigo20 on instagram

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Brutal 33oz fades by a customer. The sashiko stitching is on point

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From the archives - The beauty of denim evolution


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This fabric was originally black. Do you guys prefer sulphur dye when it comes to black so it doesnt fade as much?

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Candy weft fades from the archives. Here to hoping that the 15.5oz candy wefts Im fading for indigoinvitational will look dope in a year

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My dear old dad knows how to fade his jeans

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Awesome looking fades from one of our early Kickstarter supporters. I remember that 5 year anniversary patch 🙂

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When it comes to 33oz fades, few does it better than brother @thepatinaarena

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33oz fades starting to pop up now 1.5y after its first release and these are nuts

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