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One Tree Planted/The Ocean Cleanup - December 2020.

Where should we plant our trees in January?
Africa2 Votes · 66.67%
Europe0 Votes · 0.00%
The Pacific1 Vote · 33.33%
Stick with Cali once again0 Votes · 0.00%
3 Participants

You voted, we abide.

We are sticking with California this holiday month for our tree planting.

Last month blew our minds, 391 trees!

Amazing to have such a support, and to do something good for the environment.

Happy holidays family!

The year 2020 was a strange year...

That didn't stop us from planting almost 1000 trees from August and forward.

We are so happy to give something back to the world!

Looks like we'll be planting trees in Africa in January then!

//The SOSO team

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