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SOSO Candy Weft 15.5oz in Tapered Jeremy fit

Just as brother Indofrank, Ill fade these candy wefts for a year. We have sold hundreds of candy weft pairs over the years but havent seen many fade shots so I thought it was time to produce some.

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Happy to fade along side you!

Quote from indofrank on October 4, 2020, 5:04 am

Happy to fade along side you!

Likewise brother

30 days of wear update
No washes
Some fades starting to show but mostly indigo bleed. Shoes and towels in sofa are blue so I think once these come in contact with water, they will shed much more.
Next update in a month

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Second month update. I think I miss 3-4 days or wear.
2 washes already. TOOO dirty. Not sure how you guys do it.

Lets see how they look at new year

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We stink up the place and get stares from people when we go out.

I forgot to upload the progress shots from end of Dec. Not much to show for yet but during January ive seen some better characteristics. Theyll come beginning of Feb

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oh yeah, I see some great combs coming in and the denim is getting lighter