How It Works

We're here to help you design the best custom made jeans in the world.

This section provides a ‘how it works’ overview: Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate personalized fitting experience. Accurate measurements are fundamental in obtaining the finest custom denim piece. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of easily obtaining your perfect jeans, shirt, jacket, or vest. Understanding the characteristics of raw denim, canvas denim, or sashiko denim is crucial. We begin by establishing a superior fit that aligns with your personal preferences. Then, we determine the ideal size that fits snugly on your body. Achieving the perfect jeans fit is a straightforward process when you follow these simple steps. Alternatively, you can contact Fredrik Milton, our sizing expert and partner, for personalized assistance.

SOSO Custom Made Jeans

1. Find your fit & size.

2. Pick a fabric.

3. Choose your details.

4. Free worldwide delivery over $299! In no time.

Select from the widest range of custom denims to perfectly suit your style

SOSO offers a wide range of denim shades and weights for any occasion. You can pick almost any denim and create a pair of jeans, shirt or jacket.

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