SO Easy. A new way to try our service

Once in a while we encounter both first time and existing customers that are overwhelmed with all the options that we offer. 

SOSO is all about giving the choice to the customer but our goal is, and will always be to help everyone to our greatest extent. If that means scaling down to make the experience less hassle free, then who are we to stand in the way of what our customers want.

Therefore we are introducing SO Easy.

SO Easy is a combination of a classic denim product in each category (Jeans, Shirts & Jackets) where every detail except fit, waist and length, is already chosen for you.

If you’re new to raw denim or a first time customer with us this is a perfect start.

To make it even easier it only requires a few clicks on the website to checkout, it costs less than our regular custom made items and shipping worldwide is included.


Classic Stretch Indigo Blue Redline Selvedge 11.5 oz



Classic Indigo Redline Selvedge 12 oz



Classic Indigo Redline Selvedge 12 oz



Japanese Indigo Stretch Redline Selvedge 11.5 oz


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