"When two people meet randomly halfway around the world and share a vision and a goal, the result is a bond—a bond of brotherhood that soon after became a brand: SOSOBROTHERS." – Johan H Blom

Sosobrothers was founded in 2010 by Jannis Hoff and Johan Blom, both from Sweden. It has since become a globally recognized denim jeans brand with production based in Central Bangkok. The sosobrothers brand was born out of a shared dream to become the world’s largest producer of affordable, custom-made, high-quality denim.

Our story continued in 2017, with Fredrik Milton Schoultz joined as the newest member of the sosobrothers. 

 In 2018, sosobrothers established its head office in Umeå, Sweden—where you can still find us today. We remain fiercely independent, keeping all decisions about the brand and its direction inside of the tightly woven denim family.

The promise is simple. We deliver a sophisticated “anti-fashion” concept with a fair price. We are miles and miles from fast fashion. We focus on producing garments with fine finishing details and tailored fits while fully embracing denim and workwear heritage.

It combines dedication to customer service and to delivering on each and every promise we make to our clients. This means taking the time to understand our customers and their preferences and to making absolutely sure that the garment they get is identical (in both fit and fabric) to the one they see in their mind’s eye.

We aim to create garments that can become treasured wardrobe centerpieces. The right piece of workwear can be a daily companion for years, so we want to make sure that everything we make can stand the test of time and can remain fashion forward for as long as it lasts (and our garments last a long time).

To make our mark on the denim world, we seek out limited edition and dead stock selvedge denims from all over the world. And our story doesn’t stop there. We are constantly on the hunt for interesting textures and beautiful materials—provided that they can help us maintain our high standards and our promise to put quality before quantity.
By combining exclusive fabrics and custom personal touches, we can give our clients something that is truly unique—something they (and we) can be immensely proud of.

The sosobrothers brand stands for something, and we take this beyond our approach to fashion. We are dedicated to sustainable production and environmentally friendly manufacturing, to ethical labour practices and segment-leading customer care. If you think there’s something we can do to be better global citizens, don’t hesitate to let us know.

We welcome you to join our family. We hope you’ll join us and help us as we revolutionalize the world of denim and heritage fashion.

Production Transparency

One of our goals when creating sosobrothers was to stay true to denim heritage and traditional tailoring. For us, this means avoiding the use of mass production facilities and computers, relying instead on the hands and eyes of skilled craftspeople.

We operate a small factory right outside central Bangkok, Thailand. Depending on the workload, there are somewhere between four and ten employees working in the factory at a time.
Our manger, Taep, has been working in the denim industry for more than 30 years. He oversees all of our jeans, and we’re proud to have such a skilled denim expert in the sosobrothers family.

Nowadays, we outsourced  some of our denim and leather shirts and jackets to one of Phukets finest tailors, Art. He brings the same level of care and attention to detail to each of our garments.

We take our commitment to heritage tailoring to the limit. To craft our garments, our tailors exclusively use traditional machines (e.g., Japanese Jukis and American Singers). We also lean heavily on machines from the likes Kansai, Brother, Siruba, Marble, and even Toyota.

Most importantly, we use the Union Special, the legendary flagship that is responsible for the ultra-iconic rope look that denim aficionados expect where their jeans meet their footwear. Denim just isn’t properly denim without that trademark Union Special lock stitch.

In the end, we are far from fast fashion, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be waiting for aeons for our tailors to cut, sew, and finish your garment. Our operation is relatively small, but we can still proudly say that we have some of the fastest custom-made delivery times you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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