How to wash and care for your SOSO jeans, shirts and jackets.

Once & awhile we stumble into that time one of our garments either has, or at least wants to, be either washed or cleaned. So we figured, why not give you some of our best pointers and tips for when that time arrives. We break down each fabric category so you can easily follow the guidelines. Preferably we would say; don’t waste any water at all, but sometimes clothing gets too dirty. 

Selvedge Denim

  • Turn garment inside-out.
  • Cold soak or luke warm soak in a tub or similar first time to avoid excessive shrinkage.
  • Machine wash on a relatively short cycle with low or no spin (max 40C/100F).
  • Lay flat or let hang dry. Stretch out before to prevent shrinkage and creases.
  • Do NOT tumble dry! Could affect leather patch, shrinkage and white marks.
  • These recommendations are for 100% cotton and stretch/elastane fabrics.


  • Hand-wash or machine wash on a short cycle (max 40C/100F) with low or no spin.
  • Lay flat or hang dry on a hanger.
  • Do not tumble dry since it will affect shrinkage and excessive wear.


  • Hand-wash or wool cycle machine wash. (max 30C/86F).
  • Wool is both odor and dirt repellant. Usually all that’s needed is airing outside or in a humid room.
  • If washed always use wool detergent.


  • Wash the leather jacket with hand soap or detergent. These cleaning products are made to be gentle. Soak the part of the jacket that is dirty in a tub and clean with circular motions until the leather is clean. Then air dry the jacket.
  • Leather grease must be applied to a clean surface Take a lint-free cloth and apply the leather grease to the leather. Let sink in for a few hours. Wipe off excess grease with another lint free cloth.
  • Leather oil is available to keep a leather in good condition for a long time. It has a moisturising effect that keeps the leather soft and supple. Even old leather can be revived with the right leather oil.


  • Suede garments can be impregnated with a spray to increase protection against dirt and water.
  • The best way to care for the suede is to air the garment between uses.
  • If you get a stain, then try brushing it off with a soft brush or with a slightly coarser sponge.
  • Fat stains can be difficult, but if you are lucky, the fat is absorbed by the skin and disappears after a while. Otherwise, it is advisable to leave the garment to a leather and leather specialist for cleaning.
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