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Introducing the 33OZ-TBOL, also known as The Breaker of Legs, crafted from 100% Australian long staple cotton. Renowned for its durability and exceptional fades, this denim is woven using the revered rope dyeing technique, considered the pinnacle of yarn dyeing methods. The result? A rigid, robust denim with an uneven/slub texture that stands out.

SOSO’s 33OZ-TBOL weighs in at 33.14 oz (939g) and is woven on vintage GA1515 shuttle looms—a nod to traditional craftsmanship. These machines require manual adjustments to handle the weight, with each pair taking up to a week to complete due to their heft.

DISCLAIMER: Before proceeding with your purchase, please ensure you comprehend the enormity of this product. Do not attempt to put on these jeans using the belt loops! Repairing them requires specialized expertise and a limited number of professionals are capable of handling such tasks.

  • Custom design offers complete customisation where you're the designer. You can choose optional details to further create a more unique piece.

    Names has changed, measurements are the same. 

    Please check your size before ordering. Sizing may differ from other brands.



    Coats Dual Duty, premium quality core-spun thread with excellent wash-down characteristics ideal for denim-wear and jeans.

    Our premium custom branded buttons and trims are sourced from YKK International Japan.

    All our patches are made from A-grade leather and are only stitched top & bottom.

    Functionality is essential, which is why our pocket bags boast a generous depth of 12 inches.

    Chino pockets not available for fabrics over 18 oz.


    The selvedge ID, which is the tightly woven edge of a fabric running parallel to its lengthwise grain and typically featuring the manufacturer's name or logo, is highly sought after by denim enthusiasts and collectors as a mark of quality in denim. *Coin Pocket ID is standard option on every pair of 33OZ-TBOL.



    If you're not happy with our fits, here's where you can change the measurements on your selected fit and size.







    When either purchasing TBOL jeans or jacket you will receive a free TBOL-Tee!

    SIZE *Subject to availability

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  • 100% Australian rope dyed cotton.
    Warp: Three piles of 5s yarn. Warp density 48 per inch.
    Weft: Two piles of 5s yarn. Weft density 19 per inch.
  • Sanforized Normal shrinkage 2-3%.
  • First time we recommend a soak and let hang dry to prevent excessive shrinkage.
  • Expectations “Like pulling on a firehose” is what we’ve heard before…
  • 33.14 oz super heavyweight denim.
  • This will be one of your nemesis denim, but when broken in, it will last you a lifetime and offer amazing fades.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for 33OZ TBOL JEANS

  1. @philvedge (verified owner)

    Had the breakers for 200 wear days and enjoyed it every day, what a fun piece!
    Stiff only in the beginning, always heavy, more breathable as it seems…dare you!!!
    (Don’t forget to size up one or more)

    • Johan @ SOSO

      We’re happy you enjoy them brother!

  2. ermasore (verified owner)

    I have been wearing these jeans everyday for over a month now and I have gotten so much joy out of them. They are soft and heavy and absolutely perfect for the winter months. Break in is a bit of a challenge but that just comes with the territory with heavyweight denim, especially the heaviest denim in the world.
    Everyone in the office thinks I’m a lunatic for wearing them, which is fine by me since I really am crazy about denim. 🙂
    It doesnt help that I brag about them to anyone that will listen and have them feel my pants.

    They are not as uncomfortable as you might imagine, IF you get the right sizing. Give yourself plenty of room in the knees and in the crotch area. I recommend getting them in the relaxed ralph or in a custom cut similar to the relaxed tapered fit from unbranded denim (if you like a bit of taper). I would also caution against getting a button fly with this material. You WILL NOT be able to button it, I promise you.

    Jannis (one of the cofounders) walked me through my entire purchase and was incredibly patient and helpful as I tried to make up my mind with a bunch of inane questions about sizing and store policy.

    Looking forward to buying some 41oz jeans from SOSO someday after they one-up N&F’s upcoming 40ozs! 😉

  3. Kamil Nusbaum (verified owner)

    Guys, be careful – the things you’ve heard, or read about them – they are right.
    I was stepping up from 21oz and I could not belive what a huge diffrence it is. My toughts after a second week with them:

    1. Size up. I’ve measured my previous favourite pair – they were UB321’s. I wear size 33. When I looked up my measures with SOSO’s it came up that I should order size 32. The thing is – the thicknes of the denim robs you of some space. Don’t get me wrong – these jeans looks stellar on me – almost bespoke. But more wiggle room with denim this thick would be a godsend. I should have asked before I’ve ordered, so lesson learned!

    2. Button fly. Don’t do it. Your fingers will hurt. On the first day I only managed to button the top one. On the second day I had to take a break from them – I could not button even the top one, beacause my fingers hurt from wrestling with them. On the third day I was sitting with them on my lap, and I was just buttoning them up, trying to break them in. I still struggle with them, but not so much now.

    3. Stairs. They are an obstacle. Right now I cannot bring my knee above my waist, so I’ve got to be mindful of that.

    4. Driving. Getting in a car is easy, but either due to them being new, or my mistake with sizing – prolonged sitting is proving to be difficult.

    5. Coin pocket. It is kinda small. Fits a Zippo ligther, and that is it. That is a bummer for me, since in my UB’s I’ve carried a Zippo, Olight I3E pocket flashlight, and my Tom Winspear guitar pick. In those I can only carry either a Zippo, or the other two items.

    Overall I am very happy with them. Probably will order a second pair, this time sized up, beacause I think that after a wash I won’t fit in them, but time will tell!

  4. ewsundquist@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I don’t want to destroy the mystique about these being painful, but my TBOL experience — four wears so far — has been very comfortable. No broken legs or injuries of any kind! I gave them a soak and hung them to dry, which took a while, then just started wearing them. Yes, they take a bit of effort to put on and button the first couple of times, but that’s no big deal really. And once you get them on, the experience of wearing them is amazing. Sure, they are stiff like any raw denim and will take a while to get really soft. But they are not at all unpleasant even in the early days. On the contrary, they fit great and make all your other pants seem threadbare. I am glad I took the advice of another commenter and got a zipper rather than buttons, because breaking in fly buttons for sure would have been a pain in the ass (or thumbs). But I respectfully disagree with the commenter’s suggestion to size up, at least with respect to waist size. I would hate to have to cinch these heavy bad boys tightly with a belt to keep them up, especially after they inevitably stretch out. I got my regular size, 31 X 36 in the SoSo classic fit, and it’s perfect, with plenty of thigh room, so I was moving around normally from the get-go. I’m looking forward to seeing how they break in and age over the months and years ahead. But I’m already enjoying them plenty, not just as a novelty item, but as a practical, enjoyable pair of pants.

    • Johan @ SOSO (verified owner)

      We’re happy that you enjoy the ride brother!

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