All Natural Black String Orange 20 oz

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We thought it was time for something that, to the best of our knowledge, hasn’t been done before.

A 20 oz Black Handwoven Selvedge, made and dyed with 100% natural materials.

There are various fruits that can be used to create a black dye and in our case we went for a fruit called Jelawe, grown in southern Indonesia. However, using only this fruit is not enough since it will only create a yellow/brownish dye and it wont stick well to the cotton yarns.

This is normally solved with chemicals to create the reaction of turning the solution to black but since this fabric needs to be 100% natural, that didn’t cut it for us.

After extensive research and testing, using various techniques we finally found a “natural” solution to the problem – a metal salt called Tunjung Ferro sulfat. It functions to increase the absorption of natural dyes (our fruit Jelawe) into the fabric and distribute it through and into the fibers. It also produces darker colors than the chemical compound potassium alum, because of the iron in it.

Both the weft and warp yarns have been dipped 7 times in both the Jelawe and Tunjung solution to create a black color as possible. The nature of the fibers on the handspun slubby weft yarns aren’t able to absorb an as black color as the warp yarns giving the weft a slightly less “deep” black color than the warp.

Since this is a Black fabric, we wanted a bright and contrast selvedge color. We went for a beautiful orange in three different versions – Orange Black, Full Orange and Orange White

As always with our handwoven fabrics, they have been woven on vintage non-machine artisan shuttle looms with a low tension weave, making the fabric rigid and robust with a slubby weft and the promise of awesome looking fades. – Jannis

  • Material:
    100% natural cotton.
  • Shrinkage:
    This fabric has been pre-shrunk/sanforized. Shrinkage expected 3-5%
  • Washing advice:
    First time we recommend a soak and let hang dry to prevent excessive shrinkage.
  • Expectations:
    A rigid fabric that will be tough to tame. It’s quite stiff in the beginning.
  • Denim Weight:
    20 oz heavyweight.
  • Country of Origin:
  • Availability:
    We have produced 120 yards in total. This fabric is available as jeans and jacket.
  • Recommended Combo:
    We recommend whatever stitching you feel like.
  • Fading:
    It will fade, that’s for sure. Follow Johans Indigo Invitational journey as he will break this fabric over 1 year.

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