Burgundy Australian Leather

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Our current leather selection of 7 different colors of 1.6mm Vegetable Tanned Top Grain Oil/Wax Cow Hide leather from Australia gives you that exquisite look and feel. Together with outstanding quality materials and craftsmanship, you will get a tailor made jacket for life.

This Burgundy leather gives promises of a lavish feel and look.

Our leather jacket comes with a matching lining. If you want to change lining you can do so under Step 2 in the customization process.

For our Tailor Made Leather Jackets, your own measurements are included free of charge. If you need to alter a specific measurement within a certain size or if you would like to supply us with completely new measurements, you can do so during Step 3 in the customization process.

If you feel that we are missing a particular design amongst our pre selected models, you can upload a picture of the design you would like during step 4 in the customization process. Weather it be a Racer, Biker or Flight jacket.

Care Guide


Wash the leather jacket with hand soap or detergent. These cleaning products are made to be gentle.
Soak the part of the jacket that is dirty in a tub and clean with circular motions until the leather is clean.
Then air dry the jacket.


Leather grease must be applied to a clean surface Take a lint-free cloth and apply the leather grease to the leather. Let sink in for a few hours. Wipe off excess grease with another lint free cloth.

Leather oil

Available to keep a leather in good condition for a long time. It has a moisturising effect that keeps the leather soft and supple. Even old leather can be revived with the right leather oil.

Impregnate the leather for more protection against rain and hydrogen.

Lastly, the most important thing is that you lubricate your leather jacket from time to time with grease. There are special leather greases and leather conditioners that can be bought in better shoe stores. If you want to improve the color of the jacket, you can use grease with color in it.

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