Deep Indigo Coated Selvedge 11.5 oz

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SO Easy is the perfect entry jeans to raw denim and custom-made jeans.
We eliminated the add-ons making the checkout process faster and hassle free. Still providing you with a pair of SOSO custom-made jeans.

The fabric has a coated warp, that shines from the start. A lightweight 11.5 oz deep indigo fabric.  – Johan

  • Material:
    98% cotton 2% elastane.
  • Shrinkage:
    This fabric has been pre-shrunk/sanforized. Normal shrinkage expected 2-3%
  • Washing advice:
    First wash 30 degrees cold to shrink back to original size.
  • Expectations:
    This fabric has a “waxed” feeling on top. It will fade away with time.
  • Denim Weight:
    11.5 oz lightweight.
  • Country of Origin:
  • Availability:
    We acquired 50 yards.
  • Recommended Combo:
    A great stitching choice would be wool white.
  • Fading:
    The progress will be slower than a heavyweight fabric, but fades will be visible within 2-3 months of daily wear.

    Still unsure of which size to choose?
    Find your recommended size in our size guide here.

    It has been six years since we started this journey into the world of custom-made selvedge denim. What a journey it’s been. Over the years, we've worked hard to respond to the feedback we’ve received from first-time and returning customers. We’ve been learning on our feet, trying to create better fits, find the best denims, and trying to provide a world-beating product at an unbeatable price. At the centre of this process are our fits. Even the smallest change to the silhouette can make or break the experience for the customer, so we’re continually working to refine our fits and make sure that there is consistency from one size to the next and from one style to the next. We can now say that we have done what we set out to do. You can now move between fits with complete confidence. If, for instance, you are a 32 in a Skinny Luke, you can confidently purchase any of our other fits in the same size. There might be more taper or more room in the seat or the thigh, but it’ll still fit right in all the right places. No more guesswork. With our revised fits (described below), you can now pick and choose from our range of contemporary and classic cuts. Whichever fit you choose, it’ll be a perfect fit.

    All revised fits are currently available from 2020-10-23

    Johan, Jannis & Fredrik
    We’ve built our brand around the idea of family, and we’ve approached our fits in the same way.
    The SOSO fit family consists of eight men, each with his own particular story and style.
    We’ve given each of them a little back story, and we hope this will help you pick a fit that aligns perfectly with your style.


    Luke is the youngest brother in the family. He’s on the cusp of adulthood, but he’s still a kid at heart. He’s thin through the hips and thighs, but he’s getting stronger with each passing year. 

    His style has never been rigid. His look changes slightly with each year, adapting to the latest fashions, but he never throws his old clothes away. He simply wears them a little differently, pairing them with new trendy pieces. 

    The Skinny Luke is perfect for those who are looking for a thoroughly modern fit complete with high waists and tight fits. Because the fit is designed to hug the thighs and calves, tapering right to the ankle, it’s best for those who are on the slender side. If comfort is important to you, stick to the lighter weights. The Skinny Luke looks its best in our 10.5 oz. stretch. 

    If you’ve found that your jeans tend to gap in your lumbar region, the Skinny Luke will suit you right down to the ground. The waist is tilted slightly, rising a little higher in the back than in the front. This ensures that, whether you’re sitting or standing, your waist will sit right where it should.

    Measurements in Inches
    Size Tag
    Front Rise7.9"8.3"8.7"8.7"9"9"9.8"10.2"11"12.6"13"
    Back Rise12.8"13.2"13.6"13.6"13.8"13.8"14.6"15"15.7"16.1"16.5"
    Leg Opening5.1"5.5"5.7"5.7"5.9"5.9"6.1"6.3"6.5"6.7"7.1"
    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size Tag
    Front Rise2021222223232526283233
    Back Rise32.533.534.534.535353738404142
    Leg Opening131414.514.5151515.51616.51718


    Darryl is the most popular member of the family. He seems to fit in no matter where he is, moving effortlessly between professional and social settings without ever seeming out of place. He’s been working as a graphic designer in the big city, but he’s always got time for family. He’s only a phone call away—and he always answers the call. 

    His style tends more towards comfort than his younger brother Skinny Luke. He’s not on the cutting edge of fashion, but he knows that his look is never out of style. He’s comfortable without being too loose, casual without being sloppy. He’s versatile and always at home in his clothes. 

    The Slim Darryl has a medium rise—not too light, and not too high. There’s a little more room through the hips, but it’s still slim in the top block. The thigh fits snugly, but the taper is subtler, leaving a little more room through the calf.

    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise8.8"9.2"9.6"10"10.4"10.8"11.2"11.6"12"12.4"12.8"13"13.4"13.8"14.2"
    Back Rise12.2"12.6"13"13.4"13.8"14.2"14.6"15"15.4"15.8"16.1"16.5"16.9"17.3"17.7"
    Leg Opening5.3"5.5"5.7"6.1"6.1"6.3"6.5"6.7"6.9"7.3"7.7"8.1"8.1"8.5"8.7"
    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise22.523.524.525.526.527.528.529.530.531.532.533343536
    Back Rise313233343536373839404142434445
    Leg Opening13.51414.515.515.51616.51717.518.519.520.520.521.522


    Jeremy is the oldest brother in the family. He might not be as popular as Darryl, but he’s always the life of the party when the family gets together. Jeremy might not ride his skateboard as much as he used to, but he can still hold his own on the half pipe. He’s got a family now, and his lifestyle is more sedate than it used to be, but he still knows how to cut loose. 

    Jeremy is a software developer, and the dress code at the office allows him perfect freedom to choose a style that works for him. He still loves his hoodies and sneakers, but he’s also perfectly comfortable in wool cardigans and even the occasional blazer. He used to wear his jeans slung low on his waist, but now he prefers a medium rise that sits comfortably right where it should. 

    The Tapered Jeremy works well with heavier denims than with lighter ones, but, thanks to its generous taper, it can be difficult to get in and out of in superheavyweights. It’s the perfect fit if you want plenty of room through the thigh and top block but a more fashionable cut below the knees. Pairs very well with slip-ons or sneakers. An excellent choice if you want to wear the same pair day in and day out. 

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise25262727.528282929.530313232333435
    Back Rise34353636.537373838.539404142434445
    Leg Opening1414.515.516.51717.5181818.519.52021222222.5
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise9.8"10.2"10.6"10.8"11"11"11.4"11.6"11.8"12.2"12.6"12.6"13"13.4"13.8"
    Back Rise13.4"13.8"14.2"14.4"14.6"14.6"15"15.2"15.4"15.7"16.1"16.5"16.9"17.3"17.7"
    Leg Opening5.5"5.7"6.1"6.5"6.7"6.9"7.1"7.1"7.3"7.7"7.9"8.3"8.7"8.7"8.9"


    Clark is the rowdy cousin. He’s the athlete in the family. He never turned pro, but he was a stand-out star on the varsity team. He still plays hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer, and he’s got legs like tree trunks. The kids take turns trying to knock him off his feet, but he’s rooted to the ground. 

    Because of his ample thighs, Clark has always had to settle for baggy, shapeless clothes. Recently, though, he’s found the perfect fit—a pair that gives him the freedom to move without hiding his athletic figure. His jeans are practically his uniform. He’s got four pairs (heavy for the colder months and lighter for the warmer ones). Now that he’s found the perfect fit, he never wears anything else.  

    The Loose Clark has a shaped yoke that provides an almost-tailored fit for larger men with power in their legs. The thigh is wide enough to fit bodybuilders who never skip legs day, and there’s a pronounced taper towards the ankle. Perfect for the man who has all but given up on finding the perfect-fitting pair. 

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise24.5252627.527.5282828.529.5303132323334
    Back Rise36.5373838.538.53939404141.54243434445
    Leg Opening1515.515.515.51616.5171717.51818.520202121.5
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise9.6"9.8"10.2"10.8"10.8"11"11"11.2"11.6"11.8"12.2"12.6"12.6"13"13.4"
    Back Rise14.4"14.6"15"15.2"15.2"15.4"15.4"15.7"16.1"16.3"16.5"16.9"16.9"17.3"17.7"
    Leg Opening5.9"6.1"6.1"6.1"6.3"6.5"6.7"6.7"6.9"7.1"7.3"7.9"7.9"8.3"8.5"


    The Classic Selvedge Fit is the father of our family. He cares deeply about history and legacy. The walls of his study are lined with old family photographs, and, when the whiskey has been flowing, he’ll tell stories for hours—stories about the old world and the new. He knows how to spin a great yarn. 

    The father of the family has always been a stylish man. Many of his favourite pieces (his well-worn flannel and his tattered Storm Rider) have been with him for decades, but, like him, they’re classics that never go out of style. He may be going grey, but he’s a true-blue classic—the glue that holds the family fast. 

    The Classic Selvedge Fit is built to last, so this is the fit we recommend if you’re considering any of our denims north of 18 oz. With a high waist, a generous thigh, and a slight taper with a levelled foot opening, the fit is the best way to make heavy selvedge comfortable for most body types. Pair it with a mid-weight Type III denim jacket and a pair of boots and you’ll be ready for anything. For a more youthful look, try it with a plain tee and a pair of white sneakers.

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise2828.52929.5303030.53131.531.532.532.53434.535
    Back Rise3737.53838.5393939.54040.540.541.541.54343.544
    Leg Opening16.51717.51818.519.52020.52121.523242626.527
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise11"11.2"11.4"11.6"11.8"11.8"12"12.2"12.4"12.4"12.8"12.8"13.4"13.6"13.8"
    Back Rise14.6"14.8"15"15.2"15.4"15.4"15.6"15.8"16"16.2"16.4"16.4"16.9"17.1"17.3"
    Leg Opening6.5"6.7"6.9"7.1"7.3"7.5"7.9"8.1"8.3"8.5"9"9.4"10.2"10.4"10.6"


    Uncle Billy has always been something of an outlier. When everybody else was wearing polyester and silk, Billy wore cowboy boots and denim shirts. His 1,000-yard gaze and perpetual stubble have always made him a hit with the ladies, and he’s shacked up with a few of them here or there, but nobody seems to be able to tie him down permanently. He goes his own way—always has, always will. 

    Nobody can remember ever seeing Billy wearing anything other than boots. He showed up at Jeremy’s wedding in jeans and boots with a case of beer under one arm and an airline stewardess under the other. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and it shows. 

    The Billy Bootcut has a medium rise and a tilted waist. They’re comfortable through the thigh, slim through the knee, and they flare slightly. They work best with high slip-on boots. If you frequently wear motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, or engineer boots, you should have at least one Billy Bootcut in the rotation.

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise25262727.528282929.530313232333435
    Back Rise34353636.537373838.539404142434445
    Leg Opening2020.52121.52222.52323.52424.52526272829
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise9.8"10.2"10.6"10.8"11"11"11.4"11.6"11.8"12.2"12.6"12.6"13"13.4"13.8"
    Back Rise13.4"13.8"14.2"14.4"14.6"14.6"15"15.2"15.4"15.7"16.1"16.5"16.9"17.3"17.7"
    Leg Opening7.9"8.1"8.3"8.5"8.7"8.9"9.1"9.3"9.4"9.6"9.8"10.2"10.6"11"11.4"


    Sten is the artist of the family. The middle child, he has always felt the need to be a little different. He plays the accordion, writes short stories, and there’s not a wall in the house that doesn’t have one of his paintings on it somewhere. The bond between Sten and Darryl is one of the tightest in the family. The two are almost inseparable. 

    Sten’s fashion tastes are constantly changing. He’s on the slim side, but he’s a little shy about his skinny thighs. He wears his jeans a little higher on the waist than his brother Darryl, frequently pairing his denim with a tucked in oxford and, when he’s feeling particularly dandyish, with a waistcoat.

    The Straight Sten has a comfortable but narrow fit that works very well with tailored button down shirts. An essential pair if you want to dress your denim up and down. 

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise2626.527282828.52929.53030.531.532.533.534.535.5
    Back Rise3232.53333.53434.53535.53636.537.538.540.540.542.5
    Leg Opening1717.51818.51919.52020.52121.522.523.524.525.528
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise10.2"10.4"10.6"10.8"11"11.2"11.4"11.6"11.8"12"12.4"12.8"13.2"13.6"14"
    Back Rise12.6"12.8"13"13.2"13.6"13.6"13.8"14"14.2"14.4"14.8"15.2"15.9"15.9"16.7"
    Leg Opening6.7"6.9"7.1"7.3"7.5"7.7"7.9"8.1"8.3"8.5"8.9"9.3"9.6"10"11"


    Ralph is the uncle who dresses up as Santa Claus every year at Christmas. He is a fixture at the family table, and his belly laughs bring a smile to everybody’s face. He’s the biggest member of the family, but he carries himself well. He’s as strong as Paul Bunyan, and his hugs are legendary. He’s got a heart as big as Texas. 

    For Ralph, easy breezy comfort is key. He’s the oldest of the three brothers, and he drives a train for a living. His clothes suit the role. He gravitates to vintage workwear styles, and he always wipes his brow with a bandana he keeps tucked in his back pocket. 

    The Relaxed Ralph is perfect for larger men or for those who are drawn to more vintage workwear styles. It pairs perfectly with a Type II denim jacket, and it looks best with a bold rolled cuff over a pair of black engineer boots. 

    Ralph is casual and airy.
    Ralph has a higher, tilted waist. He has a loose thigh width, slightly tapered towards the foot opening.

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise2525.52626.52727.528293030.531.53334.53637
    Back Rise35.5363738.538.539.540.54141.5424344454647
    Leg Opening19.52020.52121.52222.523.523.5242526272828.5
    Measurements in Inches
    Size TagLarge Sizes
    Front Rise9.8"10"10.2"10.4"10.6"10.8"11"11.4"11.8"12"12.4"13"13.6"14.2"14.6"
    Back Rise14"14.2"14.5"15.1"15.1"15.5"15.9"16.1"16.3"16.5"16.5"17.3"17.7"18.1"18.5"
    Leg Opening7.7"7.9"8.1"8.3"8.5"8.7"8.9"9.2"9.2"9.4"9.8"10.2"10.6"11"11.2"

    For us to be able to craft your jeans we need to know these basic requirements.

    • 15 $

    Our buttons and trims are sourced from YKK International from Japan.

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