Green Cast Denim

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This light to midweight denim carries a blue/green hue or as the denim blooded calls it; Green Cast. The denim gives a particularly nice shine under sunlight and the weight suits all body types as well as raw selvedge beginners and veterans.

  • 12.5z lightweight  selvedge
  • 100% cotton
  • Classic redline selvedge ID
  • First time washing this denim soak in cold water and let hang dry to prevent excessive shrinkage. This denim is sanforized but still expect a small amount of shrinkage.
  • Fabric is limited to 50 yards / 46 meters. Available to customise jeans, shirt, jacket and waistcoat.
  • We recommend grey or copper stitching.
  • If you’re interested in getting high contrast fades, we do however recommend going for a heavier denim. But with persistence even this lightweight denim will perform honeycombs, whiskers and stack fades.
  • 3×1 RHT = Right hand twill cotton

    Still unsure of which size to choose?
    Find your recommended size in our size guide here.


    Our Rebel jacket reflects a traditional timeless line of denim jackets.
    Taking inspiration from the early 20’s, moving towards a more modern denim jacket, that follows today’s fashion.
    To make it easier for our customers, we have developed the ultimate jacket fit, and only by changing the details, making it different.
    When producing the ultimate Rebel jacket, we looked at several elements and above all, we asked our
    customers what they wanted.
    That resulted in slighly narrower shoulders and longer sleeves than other brands as a standard. 
    The Rebel denim jacket family consists of now 6 different styles but they are all based on the same “skeleton”.

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size Tag
    Sleeve Length60.962.263.564.86667.368.669.971.272.5
    Bottom Hem38.140.643.245.748.250.853.355.958.561.1
    Measurements in Inches
    Size Tag
    Sleeve Length24"24.5"25"25.5"26"26.5"27"27.5"28"28.5"
    Bottom Hem15"16"17"18"19"20"21"22"23"24"


    A denim jacket is a timeless garment. A denim jacket matched with a pair of jeans is so stylish.
    The Rebel Type lll Woman was inspired by the classic Type lll design.
    This model is slightly oversized that is adapted for a woman’s chest, shoulder and hips.
    To achieve that perfect oversize feeling, she is a little longer and wider than a traditional jacket.

    Measurements in Inches
    Size Tag
    Sleeve Length22.4"22.8"23.4"24"24.4"25"25.4"
    Bottom Hem18.1"18.9"20.1"20.9"22"23"24"
    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size Tag
    Sleeve Length575859.5616263.564.5
    Bottom Hem464851535658.561


    The regular shirt offers normal shoulders and slightly curved waist. It has 2 cm longer sleeves than standard after recommendation from our customers.
    Perfect length to be wear tucked in, or not. A classic denim shirt cut.
    Since it was released it has become a bestseller. Denim-on-denim is always in style.

    Measurements in Inches
    Size Tag
    Front Length25.4"26.4"27.4"28.3"29.3"30.3"31.3"32.3
    Back Length26.6"27.6"28.5"29.5"30.5"31.5"32.5"33.5"
    Sleeve Length24"24.8"25.6"26.4"27.4"28"29.1"29.9"
    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size Tag
    Front Length64.56769.57274.57779.582
    Back Length67.57072.57577.58082.585
    Sleeve Length6163656769.5717476


    An overshirt is a mix between a jacket and a shirt. It has increased in popularity lately. You can even wear this on top of our other shirts instead of wearing a jacket.
    This is perfect both in spring and autumn time.
    The overshirt is not just a shirt that screams heritage, but it is also a functional shirt with lots of storage.
    Personally, this is a favourite of mine. I wear it with a pair of our heavier jeans and boots.
    It’s a timeless piece. Get it more personal and choose from of our many add-ons.

    Measurements in Centimetres
    Size Tag
    Front Length65.56870.57375.57880.583
    Back Length68.57173.57678.58183.586
    Sleeve Length6163656769.5717476
    Measurements in Inches
    Size Tag
    Front Length25.8"26.8"27.8"28.7"29.7"30.7"31.7"32.7"
    Back Length27"28"29"30"31"32"33"34"
    Sleeve Length24"24.8"25.6"26.4"27.4"28"29"30"

    In this step you need to provide us with your basic detail selection for our master tailors to be able to create your tailor made shirt. You can choose the details yourself or go with our Choose-for-me option.

    We've been doing this for a long time. If you're unsure of which stitching match this fabric, or what pockets looks nice, or simply you can't decide. Let us help with the basics of Step 1 and give you the most classic combination. 
    We will leave Step 2,3 and 4 untouched since they add personality to your products and you can continue the customisation process from there.
    Please note that even if you let us decide Step 1, you will need to choose mandatory selections marked with a red star *

    We offer 2 models. The Shirt Regular & The Overshirt.
    Please check your preferred model & measurements before ordering. 

    We offer 4 different styles.
    Long or short sleeves, or half buttoned long or short sleeves.

    Our snap buttons and trims are YKK Permex sourced from Japan.

    Step 2 offers you a selection of special details to further customise a unique tailor made shirt. In step 2 there's no mandatory selection.

    We offer 2 large inside pockets, one on each side.
    Masterfully tailored into the outer seams without being noticed. 

    All the lining options will be visible when selection one or more placements.

    Premium suede sourced from New Zeeland sheep. Please note that colors can vary slightly from picture

    Premium suede sourced from New Zeeland sheep. Please note that colors can vary slightly from picture

    Your embroidery will show on the left cuff. Embroidery is the same color as stitching. Maximum 2 letters.

    Step 3 allows you to alter any measurement to further create your perfect tailor made shirt. Please remember that alterations may cause other measurements in our size chart to change slightly.

    Extra requests is for anyone not finding those exact details that we provide. Feel free to send in drawings or attached photos below.

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