Japanese Classic Redline 12 oz

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SO Easy is the perfect entry jeans to raw denim and custom-made jeans.
We eliminated the add-ons making the checkout process faster and hassle free. Still providing you with a pair of SOSO custom-made jeans.

A classic starting selvedge with a very comfortable feeling.  – Johan

  • Material:
    100% cotton.
  • Shrinkage:
    This fabric has been pre-shrunk/sanforized. Normal shrinkage expected 2-3%
  • Washing advice:
    First wash 30 degrees cold to shrink back to original size.
  • Expectations:
    This fabric is 100% cotton but has mechanical stretch, so it’s very comfortable.
  • Denim Weight:
    12 oz light- to mid weight indigo denim
  • Country of Origin:
  • Availability:
    We acquired 50 yards.
  • Recommended Combo:
    A great stitching choice would be copper.
  • Fading:
    The progress will be slower than a heavyweight fabric, but fades will be visible within 2-3 months of daily wear.

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