Military Vintage Green Redline 11 oz

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A great choice when spring temperatures starts to rise. With the elastane present, this fabric becomes extremely comfortable for wearing a 11 oz shirt.  – Johan

  • Material:
    98% cotton 2% elastane
  • Shrinkage:
    The fabric has been pre-shrunk. Expect 2-3% shrinkage.
  • Washing advice:
    First wash should be 30 degrees cold to shrink back to original size.
  • Expectations:
    Super soft and really comfortable.
  • Denim Weight:
    11 oz lightweight denim.
  • Country of Origin:
  • Availability:
    We acquired 63 yards.
  • Recommended Combo:
    We recommend army green stitching.
  • Fading:
    Potential with time. Won’t fade that easy.

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