DHL Express Go Green is what we use for most countries.
The ones we can’t ship with DHL,
 we ship to Sweden and re-ship with Swedish Postal Service.
Normally 2-3 days depending on world zone. (Don’t confuse this with production time). Awesomely the parcel is delivered right to your door step!
If you have other plans that day you will be able to re-schedule, or a notification slip will be left for you. If you feel like a chatty person you can always pick it up at your closest DHL hub as well. 
A tracking number is provided by email, and you can easily follow your parcel by clicking the link, or at
Shipping cost is $25 USD worldwide.
Piece a cake shipping terms right!

  • Easy to grasp: Shipping refers to normal business days. Weekends and holidays are for fun stuff. 
  • Parcel destroyed? Take it up with the police 😉 No. Kidding, claim with DHL.
  • Sometimes it seems like the shipping service takes vacation and delays might happen. We assure you your parcel will reach you!
  • Changing your mind about shipping? Contact they will always help!

Sad to say, it has happened before… But don’t worry, we will re-ship it but need to charge $25 additional bucks. So don’t forget that your awesome SOSO’s are coming.

WORD FROM THE TAILOR: TIme to make your products

I know you’re excited to receive your awesome items, and for us to make a pair of jeans or a shirt it requires 3-4 weeks. Jackets are more complicated and requires 4-6 weeks. Sometimes we do make it faster so good for everybody!
During promotions, we will be swamped with orders and since our team is still extremely small, delays might occur. But trust us, we are working as fast as we possibly can. We’re still the fastest company offering this service.
We’re not using any fancy automatic systems so your order will say “processing” until it has been marked “Completed”. You are more than welcome to email Jannis, Fredrik och Johan at any time. 

CHANGING OR returning our products

To be honest we would love to offer everyone a free shot. But sadly that’s not viable. We are extremely keen on making it as easy for you to get it correct the first time though. Since we offer made-to-measure we can’t take back the items you receive, or exchange them. We always offer a 24 hour window after you place the order to make some changes or if, sadly, you would like to cancel the entire order.
This is why we URGE you to really do your homework and follow our FIT GUIDE before placing your order. 

damn it I have to pay vat & customs!

All our prices are shown excluding VAT, which sometimes means, regional taxes and tolls may apply. 
But if you get taxed, we can’t be responsible for those charges. Since we can’t actually control each country’s tariff.
We have lots of customers from United States and you get no charges under $800 USD. Hell Yeah!
Even though we’re a Swedish company with 3 Swedish lads in charge, every item is shipped directly from our office in Bangkok so only purchases inside Thailand is charged with 7% VAT. 

Oh man. my size is a bit different from the fit guide!?

As all our products are made by hand final measurements can differ up to 1″ or 2.5 centimeters. Material thickness plays a small part as well.
Natural expansion of stretch fabrics might occur while stitching the pair.
Fabrics of 13 oz and up may give the “feeling” of tightness before broken in due to its heavy nature. However, all fabrics light to heavy will expand with time!
Please remember to account for shrinkage since all raw denim fabrics shrinks.

Most importantly, all our fits uses vanity sizing, and are not true to fit.
For example: a “Size tag 32″ is not actually 32″ in waist measurement, but can be 33.2”. We don’t want you to fail by overseeing this! 

final step: checking your products

We are trying to be 100% defect-less but as we all know.. human error is in play sometimes.
A “bad blood” might slip our eminent controllers. If that’s the case, all products purchased will either be replaced, or if we can help out by a local tailor to easily fix the issues, we will do this free of charge. 
Please people… a fraying button hole or some loose threads are not considered here, so is normal wear and tear.
Anyway. If you got a problem just email us. 

If you want us to repair your SOSO’s we are more than happy to do so in our workshop in Umeå, Sweden. Shipping cost will be covered on the way back! 


You can pay in the manner specified on the site. SOSO has the right to charge already in connection with the order unless the bill payment or other similar payment method selected by you and approved by SOSO.
SOSO reserves the right to not always offer all the payment methods, or change the payment method if you have chosen for some reason does not work at the time of purchase. Note that any restrictions on the payment options listed on the site. Read more of our integrity policy here.