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COVID19 - SOSO factories and workers are still unaffected by the recent outbreak. Deliveries worldwide are still running as scheduled. New orders are welcomed.

First timer.

The first time is always the hardest. To make sure you understand raw denim please see our raw denim section.

Normal production time for bottoms are 3-4 weeks. Shirts 2-3 weeks. Jackets are more complicated and takes 4-6 weeks.
The production time could also be quicker than above.

Since our production is still extremely small, delays might occur. But trust us, we are working as fast as we possibly can. We’re still the fastest company offering this service.

Since we only do custom-made, every item is made-to-order. Saves the environment and benefits the customers.

When you activated the coupon that you received, it was automatically added to your cart. So lock and load and order your first product. Remember your offer expires within 7 days.

The first step is to find out what size and fit you should go for.
Check our fit guide and follow all the steps to ensure you get the correct size.

We’re not using any fancy automatic systems so your order will say processing” until it has been marked Completed”. You are more than welcome to email Jannis at any time if you would like to know the status of your products.

We advise you strongly to follow the our fit guide. We use vanity sizing which is not the same as true sizing. All brands have different sizing. If you have any questions at all we’re here to answer them all.

In our raw denim section you can read all about what weight and composition that would suit you best.

Shipping & Delivery.

Expected time of delivery varies depending on world zone. Normally it takes 2-3 business days. When your order has left our factory you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number so you can track your order whilst it is in transit.

Please note delivery may take longer during periods of sale and public holidays.

As soon as your parcel has left the factory it’s all up to the courier. If the parcel is delayed, please contact DHL.

Please note that delivery can take longer during sale and public holidays.

Due to market regulations from the government of Russia, we can’t ship to private costumers directly from our factory and with DHL. Therefore we ship to our office in Sweden, and re-ship to Russia via Postnord.

DHL Express Go Green is what we use for most countries.
And the parcel is delivered right to your door step!
If you have other plans that day you will be able to re-schedule via or you can always pick up the parcel at your closest DHL hub.

Even though we are a Swedish brand, all our products are handcrafted and shipped directly from our factory in Bangkok.
All our prices are shown excluding VAT.

We have implemented a solution.

See our “Duty Fees Back Guarantee” ——————->

Yes, if the parcel hasn’t already left the factory. Please email as soon as possible.

If the order is en-route the absolute easiest way is to directly contact DHL directly, give them your waybill number.

We want to ship to every country, but due to market regulations there might be some countries we aren’t allowed to deliver yet. Hopefully in a not too distant future we will. Stay tuned with our newsletter so you don’t miss out on updates.

We offer free shipping on all orders above $300 USD.
Shipping cost is $25 USD for most countries and we have a local pickup option in Umeå, Sweden that costs $10 USD.

Please note that local pickup is only valid if you can pick it up at our office.

Sad to say, it has happened before… But don’t worry, we will re-ship it but need to charge $25 additional bucks. So don’t forget that your awesome SOSO’s are coming.

If you as a SOSO customer do get charged with fees of importing our goods.
We will reimburse you with a $25 USD voucher, spendable in our shop. 
Just email us your import receipt from DHL.

Fits & Products.

Yes. The range of fits we offer, are more or less suitable for every gender. If any part of the jeans is not satisfactory you can always rely on our alterations. You can change any pre-existing measurement with this.

To be completely sure about choosing your correct size we would highly advise you to use our fit guide.

Since all our fabrics are limited yardage, and we use the same fabric for different categories, it’s impossible for us to calculate exactly how many items we can produce with one fabric. 
If we don’t have enough fabric for your order, you are more than welcome to change to any other fabric no matter what cost. 
Or you can of course cancel the order.

We do apologise in advance if this occurs.

As all our products are made by hand final measurements can differ up to 1″ or 2.5 centimeters. Material thickness plays a small part as well.
Natural expansion of stretch fabrics might occur while stitching the pair.

Since all our fabrics are raw, shrinkage might occur depending on how you wash it. 
We always recommend wearing the product for an extensive time period to really “break it” in. 
During your first encounter with a washing machine, we recommend giving the product a soak and naturally dry. 

Since raw denim shrinks you could either give them a hot soak, or a 30 degrees warm wash to create an initial shrinkage.

Please remember to always turn the product inside-out.

Yes. The Rebel jacket is a standard slim jacket and are more or less suitable for everyone. If any part of the jacket is not satisfactory you can always rely on our alterations. You can change most pre-existing measurement with this.

We use 99% raw denim. But we are always looking out for new interesting materials that can be stitched to create a timeless piece of clothing.

Yes! You can get any fabric made into a pair of shorts from our jeans and silver edition selection.

Fabrics of 13 oz and up may give the “feeling” of tightness before broken in due to its heavy nature. However, all fabrics light to heavy will expand with time!

If you choose to wash in a machine we recommend 30 degrees cold program for the first wash and after that 40 degrees is fine.

A fraying button hole is common for untreated denim. Either cut it away or let the thread fray naturally and act like a strength for your button holes.

Orders & Returns.

We always offer a 24 hour window after you place the order to make some changes.

We always offer a 24 hour window after you placed the order to cancel it.

Please contact us as soon as possible and we will take a look at what happened.

We are trying to be 100% defect-less but as we all know.. human error is in play sometimes.
A “bad blood” might slip our eminent controllers. If that’s the case, all products purchased will either be replaced, or if we can help out by a local tailor to easily fix the issues, we will do this free of charge.

To be honest we would love to offer everyone a free shot. But sadly that’s not viable. We are extremely keen on making it as easy for you to get it correct the first time though. Since we offer made-to-measure we can’t take back the items you receive, or exchange them.

When your return has been processed your funds will settle within 2-5 business days if the payment was made by credit/debit card and within one day if you paid by PayPal.

Contact us and explain the issue as detailed as possible. 
Please also provide us with your order number together with pictures of the complaint.
We’re always here to help you get the best of SOSO.

If you bought at a one of our retailers you will need go through the original place of purchase.

Ordering & Payment.

We accept all major credit cards; VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro and Discovery. We also accept PayPal.

You can see your payment options at checkout.

No. But we strongly recommend creating one before you order. You will receive $5 dollars plus SOSO dollars for every purchase you make. Redeemable with your next purchase.

If you have trouble with your payment, please contact your local bank office. A common reason why your order doesn’t go through is because your bank or credit card company has a block against transactions on foreign sites.

Of course we do. Check our gift card section. 

Repair Service.

Yes! If you want us to repair your SOSO’s we are more than happy to do so in our workshop in Umeå, Sweden. Shipping cost will not be included so make sure you prepay for a return parcel so we can send it back once repaired. 

Yes we do in Umeå. But check with your local tailor before shipping.
It might be more cost effective.

If by accident a button or a rivet falls off, we will send you new ones that you can either attach by yourself, or have a local tailor do it. We will cover the cost in SOSO dollars when you have created an account with us.

We usually repair and ship back within two business days from receiving the repair.

Our repair service is implemented to fix your jeans to extend their lifetime. However we are not offering alterations on products to change it from its original order.

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