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For every $10 dollar spent, you will receive up to $1 SOSO dollar. Convert it to real $ USD and spend it in our shop.

Denim Prospect

$ 0
Collect 0 - 29 SOSO Dollars

Raw Rookie

$ 0
Collect 30 - 59 SOSO Dollars

Denim Lover

$ 30
Collect 60 - 199 SOSO Dollars

Denim Freak

$ 60
Collect 200 - 499 SOSO Dollars

SOSO President

$ 200
Collect more than 500 SOSO Dollars

people talk & earn dineros

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you our product.
Instead, we’re giving you a chance to earn SOSO dollars by helping us spread the word. 
SOSO dollars converts to real USD when being spent in our shop.

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Email CLUB@SOSOCLOTHING.SE with the link that contains your contribution.
Don’t forget to include your SOSO account ID so that we’re able to credit your hard earned cash to your personal account.
We reserve the right to deny a contribution that does not qualify or is relevant enough.

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Earn up to $1 SOSO dollar per $10 USD spent in our shop.