… why we love our jobs

We rarely get personal on our social medias, or on our website. 
Even though our brand takes great pride in our customer relationships, and personal touches. We never express that in text. 
This perhaps, because, we provide a service and a product that is self-explanatory in the customer area. 
We take all our customers seriously. From every request to every wish. Our brand is, and will never be anything without the input from our family members that so graciously orders from us, again and again and again. 
We celebrate every new customer internally, and we are happy when we spot a picture being posted on Instagram. 
Please believe us when we say; – We see you.

If you ever have any trouble like our customer Nikki had. We are more than happy to listen and to help out! Send us an email and we shall hear you. Like I said, the reason why we exist is because of our dear SOSO family.

It warms our heart to see such a great review.

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