The Heaviest Denim In The World – 33.14 OZ


SOSO’s Super Heavyweight 33.14 oz, or 939g, indigo redline selvedge is woven on the vintage Chinese GA1515 shuttle loom, one of the first generation shuttle looms ever produced for the Chinese denim industry. The denim is so thick it took the whole factory an extra day to tune the machinery to be able to produce this denim.

* Read the new article on a journey wearing this fabric for 34 days:
Believe it or not, but this fabric has already been sanforized, and the composition is a bulky 5s in yarn size.
The warp is composed by three piles of 5s yarn and the weft is composed by two piles of 5s yarn.
The warp density is a massive 48 per inch. While Weft density is 19 per inch.
Woven from 100% Xinjiang cotton, which has the same quality as zimbabwean cotton.

The fabric has been rope dyed which, is believed to be the best possible indigo dyeing method for yarn. It holds a dark indigo hue with amazing and thick texture and a clean redline selvedge ID.

Producing one pair of the 33’s takes our extremely skilled tailors (that are in the right mood to fight and twist with such a heavy fabric) around 1 day per pair.

Other details when creating this pair is our 33 edition patch made out of a 4 mm special veg tanned hide.
Inside you’ll find a a new print with our 33 oz Swedish viking Sten – The breaker of legs.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Sanforized (Not too heavy for us to do it)
  • Woven in China
  • Long Staple Cotton
  • Rope dyed thread
  • Zip fly only
  • 4 mm vegetable tanned 33 oz edition patch
  • 33 oz edition viking pocket print
  • Double belt loop in the back
  • Selvedge waistband lining
Please make sure that you fully understand the massiveness of this product before you continue with your purchase.
There is no return or no exchange if you feel like it’s too heavy for you to wear! Don’t use the belt loops to try putting the jeans on, if they brake there’s not many that can fix it!

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Zip Fly
Wool White
Lime Green
Silver Grey
Light Blue
Oak Green
Fire Yellow
Dark Blue
Light Grey
Brick Red
Khaki Nickel
Signature Black
Signature Nickel
Signature Red
Antique Copper
No Patch
Exclusive 4 mm Veg Tanned 33 oz Edition
Yes (+$15,00)
No Coin-pocket ID
Coin-pocket ID (+$5,00)
Front Beltloop ID (+$5,00)
Back Pockets ID (+$5,00)
Inside Fly ID (+$5,00)
Rivets Back Pockets (+$2,50)
Straight Front Pocket (+$5,00)
Suspender Buttons (+$5,00)
12" Deep Pockets (+$5,00)
Denim Diary Pocket (+$10,00)
Waist (+$19,00)
Hip (+$19,00)
Thigh (+$19,00)
Knee (+$19,00)
Leg Opening (+$19,00)
Fr/br Rise (+$19,00)
SOSO Brother patch (8 cm) (+$5,00)
SOSO Army tag (stainless steel) (+$10,00)


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