Raw Denim

Raw denim, also known as dry denim, is highly prized among denim enthusiasts for its unique character and longevity. Unlike pre-washed or treated denim, raw denim is untreated, allowing the fabric to age naturally over time with wear, resulting in a personalized and distinct fade pattern. The heavyweight cotton material provides durability, making raw denim a long-lasting investment in your wardrobe. With proper care, raw denim jeans can last for years and only get better with age, making it a sustainable and timeless choice for denim lovers.

Because it’s made and sold by people who care about the environment

We know that raw denim is an environmentally friendly fashion choice, but that’s not enough. We are committed to sustainability and planetary conservation.
Here are our promises to you:

  • We have limited using plastic of any kind in/for our products, and we are in the process of sourcing new plastic-free shipping bags.
  • Since we ship many of our products overseas, we understand that we are increasing the demand for air shipping. Through our shipping partner DHL, we have committed to carbon emission offsets for each of our shipments. To neutralize our environmental impact as much as possible, this program purchases carbon credits from verified low-emissions projects.
  • All our fabrics are unwashed and raw, saving as much as 42 litres of water per pair.
  • Our made-to-order business model means no stock overruns. We make what we sell as we sell it. Minimal waste, minimal impact.

Because it’s made and worn slowly and passionately

Selvedge denim (also called selfedge or selvage denim) is made on vintage, low-speed shuttle looms. These looms were effectively replaced when denim manufacturers found a cheaper and faster way to make denim.A handful of artisans kept the old weaving methods alive, and we are indebted to these passionate makers for refusing to compromise in the name of profit and efficiency. The slower, more labour-intensive process produces denim that is slightly irregular, and this is what draws denim lover to the fabric. It has texture and character, and it grows more beautiful each time you wear it.

Because they’re yours and yours alone

Unlike stonewashed or pre-faded jeans, raw denim doesn’t come to you in its finished state. It’s meant to be worn for months or even years on end, and it’s meant to tell a story about your particular style and your unique lifestyle. The minute they start to crease, the minute you start leaving indigo in your wake, your jeans become uniquely your own. Your SOSOs are yours and yours alone. They’re the only pair you’ll want to wear. You’ll love your SOSOs so much that you’ll probably forsake all your other pairs, wearing it day in and day out until it feels like a second skin. Once you’ve experienced the full raw experience, nothing else will do. We’re committed to helping you end the buy-and-discard cycle once and for all.

Here’s how we’re going to help you do this:

We’ll pay you to donate or recycle as many of your old pairs as you like.
provide us proof that you have donated or recycled your old pairs and we’ll give you 10 SOSO dollars for every pair you get rid of.

Because they’re dry, and they’re meant to stay dry

Fading jeans artificially is a water-intensive process. To create that lived-in, faded look, manufacturers use about 42 litres of water per pair. Chemicals help the process along, and most of these chemicals end up, sooner or later, in the world’s oceans. This continues when the jeans are purchased. Every time you wash a pair of jeans, you’re using between 15 and 45 gallons of water.
Raw denim uses substantially less water in the manufacturing process, and, since you should only be washing your SOSOs a few times a year (maybe less than this), you’ll be saving hundreds of gallons of water with every pair. Wearing raw is the right thing to do.

The Perfect Fit

We are all different size and shapes.
Buying jeans off the rack can be extremely frustrating.
We want to help you get rid of the guess work.
Our custom-made jeans will fit you perfectly. They might just be the best-fitting pair of jeans you’ll ever own, and they’ll get better with each wear.

Save Your Money

We work harder than any brand in this space to make sure our customers get value out of every dollar they spend with us. We feel confident saying that our tailor-made jeans offer more bang for your buck in terms of quality and craftsmanship than anything else you’ll find. SOSO jeans are made to last, so you’ll end up paying less per wear than you would with cheap mass-market denim.

Superior Quality

We source our premium fabrics from all over the world. We are constantly on the hunt or the most durable and beautiful denims that will take on more character as they age.
If you take care of them, they’ll last you a lifetime. If you treat them roughly, you can keep them alive for as long as you want with regular repairs. To help your jeans go the distance, we offer free repairs in our Umeå store.

Fabric Weights

Most mass-market denim is in the range of 9-11 oz.
We offer lightweight denims in this range, but we also offer some of the heaviest selvedge denim you can find anywhere on the planet. Before you leap into the heavy stuff with both feet, make sure you read the section on denim weights below.

Featherweight 5-6 oz

The lightest denim we can find. Thin and comfortable. Most appropriate for shirting.

Lightweight 8-12 oz

Spring and summer denim, but heavy enough for the fall.

Midweight 12-15 oz

Rigid at the beginning, but relaxes quite quickly after a break-in period.

Heavyweight 16-21 oz

Strong enough to withstand heavy abuse. Produce distinct fade patterns.

Super Heavyweight 22+ oz

Start as comfortable as cardboard. Beautiful fades wait for the patient fader.

World’s Heaviest Jeans 33.14 oz

The first selvedge in the world to cross the 33 oz. threshold. Not for the weak of heart.